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Team size can be scaled up or down back as per your needs.


Label 20x faster with smart tool – AI powered annotation

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Train and test custom neural networks on your data


Build custom Deep Learning pipelines

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Extensible and developer friendly

Flexible Hosting

Self Hosted or cloud-hosted

All-in-one Labeling Platform

SpaceCats is the all-in-one labeling platform that is ideal for your computer vision needs. It is a readily accessible and controllable multi-format data annotation workspace that ensures quality is maintained regardless of scale. It also gives you access to neural networks for training your models!

Video Labeling

For your machine learning models, SpaceCats provides the most powerful video tagging tool. With AI-powered tools, you can annotate hours-long video clips without having to break them into individual photos!

Point Cloud Labeling

SpaceCats Point Cloud Labeling allows you to name large 3D sceneries created by LIDAR, Camera, and Radar. Let’s make certain that all of your machine learning model’s training data is flawless!

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